Residential Tenant Construction & Renovation

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Residential tenant construction and renovation are important for landlords. On average rental properties get updated every 15-20 years to keep the property in good condition and keep income coming in. It is easier to construct and renovate without a tenant living in the unit(s). During a planned vacancy all renovations are scheduled and completed while they are empty.

Tenant construction we start from the slab up. You will work with our design team, architect, and project manager to put together a project plan that fits the wants and needs of both you and your future tenants. Tenant renovations are typically modifications to your interior space or additions. This includes ceilings, walls, floors, etc. 

If you have to do construction and/or renovate while you have a tenant, we work with both you and the tenant to complete the work when it best fits both of your schedules and causes the least inconveniences. You’ll want to communicate clearly to the tenant what the plans are and you may have to potentially relocate them to another unit or nearby hotel. Some landlords even use a rent concession such as reduced rent.

***Safety is an important, if not the most important, step we take during the construction and/or renovation process. We lock down the space(s) under construction, design pathways for workers/staff, limit movement and ensure noise, dust, and odor control. Another safety caution we take into consideration is worker identification to enforce better security.***

Residential Tenant Services

What We Do With You & The Tenants

  • Meet and discuss the extent of the renovation project and walk through the space if possible.
  • Go over plan to protect the health and personal property of the tenant.
  • Answer and resolve any questions or concerns about the renovation process.
  • Create a schedule with you and the tenant and book services accordingly.
  • Communicate and provide regular updates on progress or changes.
  • Always send a notice of entry 24 hours before entering the tenants unit.
  • Always send a notice of renovation before beginning construction and renovation work.

Our Process

Part of our process is creating a 3D design so you can virtually see and experience your design before renovations start.

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