Vandalism No More!

First impressions are everything, even the face of your business or home. Having your property vandalized can make you and your neighbors feel unsafe, create a decline in morale, create a negative public perception, and a potential loss of business. Vandalism can be stressful, especially with the hassle of cleaning up and the worry that it might happen again.

Having a professional company remove the vandalism ensures that it is done in a timely manner, it’s done the right way, and it is done well. You want it cleaned up in a timely manner so that if your property is tagged, it helps prevent others from tagging it.

Types of Vandalism

Graffiti Removal

Arson & Fire Damage

Burglary & Looting Damages

Proactive Services

When civil unrest occurs in your community, you can be proactive and protect your business or home. Before you have a need for our vandalism service, let us help you stop the potential damage. We help you prevent unauthorized entry and limit the potential negative impact on your business.

Temporary Fencing

Board-Up Windows & Doors

Install Security Cameras & System

Increase Light Outside

Update Landscaping

Adding natural deterrents like thorny plants and shrubs is a great first barrier between your property and the vandals.

Controlled Entry & Exit Points

You'll Have Us On Stand-By!

Our Process

We understand that making your property safe and returning to a normal routine is a priority. Whether your damage is minor or severe, we have the tools and resources to help you.

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