Basement Remodel

Turn A Boring Basement Into A Space You'll Actually Use!

Is your basement unfinished? Incomplete? Or you just need a change? A basement remodel may be what you are looking for. Remodeling and/or finishing your basement allows you to integrate it with the rest of your home and become a valuable asset to your property, as well as expanding your livable space.

With an unfinished basement the first step is to decided how to finish your larger surfaces; flooring, walls, and ceiling. This also includes framing work if you want to distinguish the spaces. Once those larger surfaces have been updated, then you can remodel the rest of the basement like any other area in your home (see below for our basement remodeling services). 

With all remodels, you can do so much with your space in the basement. You can make your new space into a guest suite, family-friendly space, studio, a downstairs apartment, game room, man cave, and more. Once we finalize your design, layout, and choose your finishes we will get started on your dream basement!

Basement Remodeling Services

Family Room


Wine Cellar

Wet Bar

Kids Playroom

Game Room

Media Room

Music Studio





And More!

Our Process

A big part of this process is figuring out how you will use your basement now AND how you expect to use it in the future. It is also good to keep in mind how to maximize the resale value of your home later on.

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