It's Electric!

Electricity is vital to your home and/or businesses comfort, and proper installation is absolutely necessary when it comes to safety. Our owner has over 40 years of electrical experience in both commercial and residential spaces and has his Master’s Electrician License. Him and our team provide you with quality service and installation to bring that comfort and safety back into your home or business.

Electrical Services

  • Safety Testing: Staying up to date with electrical system keeps those in your home safe. Having an inspection helps identify any electrical problems your property may have. If you live in a historic or older home it may be time to update your system. 
  • Exterior Lighting: Our outdoor lighting services include decorative landscaping lighting and functional lighting (i.e. motion-sensor lights). 
  • Interior Lighting: We can either fully install a new system or we can upgrade what you currently have. 
  • Outlet Repair, Replacement, or Installation: You want to get the most out of your outlets. Our solutions help you do just that. 
  • Wiring or Rewiring: Whether you have a new build or an existing home/building, having it wired correctly makes a difference in safety, design, and comfort. 
  • Panel Upgrades: To help save you money on your electrical bill, electrical upgrades may be the way to go. It also increases your home/businesses safety and efficiency.
  • Recessed Lighting: We can take your pre-existing light fixtures and rewire them to be recessed. Or if you have no pre-existing lighting we can instal new wiring for it. 
  • And More!

Our Process

Making your home safe is our main priority when it comes to electrical issues. We make sure pre-existing wiring is wired the proper way, as well as, what our team installs.

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