Storm Damage

Weather The Storm With Us

Knowing what to do after storm damage can make a big difference in what happens afterwards. Not making informative decisions immediately afterwards can put your family, belongings, and your wallet at risk. With our experience we will quickly dry your home and restore it back to pre-storm condition.

Signs Of Storm Damage

Our Storm Damage Process

  • Storm Damage Assessment
  • Secure your home or office
  • Removal of debris
  • Cleaning & Repair

What To Do After A Storm

  • Check local news to make sure your area is safe.
  • Watch out for hazards such as broken glass.
  • Stay at least 10ft away from power lines.
  • Use a flashlight (if needed), avoid a candle or open flame.
  • If you do smell gas or suspect a leak shut off the main gas line, open windows, and immediately go outside. Also notify the gas company.

What NOT To Do After A Storm

  • Try to clean or fix anything.

Our Process

We start with a damage assessment, secure the structure of your home or business, and then start the cleaning and repairing process. What’s important is to start this process immediately so you reduce the chances of further structural damage and water damage. With our services, your home or business will look better than it did before the storm damage.

Whitecap Storm Damage
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